Sanofi Diabetes
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About Us

At Sanofi Diabetes, our focus is to help the management of a complex disease — for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

Sanofi Diabetes — Working Together

People with diabetes are an important focus of what we do. With a century of experience, Sanofi aims to be the leading company in global diabetes care. Sanofi strives to help people manage the complex challenges of diabetes by delivering innovative, integrated, and personalized solutions.

Our responsibility is to help people with diabetes achieve desired outcomes, both short term and long term. Driven by our commitment to help people with diabetes manage their treatment more effectively, Sanofi Diabetes offers therapies, award-winning delivery systems and blood glucose monitoring technology — each supported by personalized services.

We continue to deliver innovation with our new, intelligently designed blood glucose monitor with simplicity and connectivity to help you make more informed decisions about your diabetes with your healthcare team.

With all of our partners in global diabetes, we are helping people with diabetes to make the most of life every day.