Sanofi Diabetes
For U.S. Residents Only

The iBGStar® Diabetes
Manager Application

An overview of the iBGStar Diabetes Manager app

IBGStar seamlessly integrates with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager application. This app for your iPhone® or iPod touch® combines the latest in interface design, diabetes data management, and mobile technology — to help you better manage your diabetes.

Whenever you take a reading with your iBGStar while attached to your iPhone, it automatically syncs your data with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager app. So your data always goes wherever your mobile device goes. In addition, this app offers:

  • Tracking of blood sugar readings, carb intake, and insulin doses
  • Blood glucose tags (for example, mealtimes and exercise)
  • Integrated data management with dynamic graphing
  • Shareable data with your family or healthcare team