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Applying Your Blood Sample

When you have inserted a BGStar® Blood Glucose Test Strip (see Inserting/Removing Test Strips) into your iBGStar test strip port, the display should show an animation of a sample being applied to a test strip. At this point, your iBGStar is ready to receive your blood sample.

step 1

Bring test strip to blood sample

Immediately bring the test strip to the blood sample. The test strip fills from the tip. Do not try to smear blood on the top surface.

step 2

Visual fill window

The test strip acts like a sponge and draws the blood into the test strip through the sample area. The visual fill window of the test strip will turn red.

step 3

Remove blood sample from test strip

When the test strip's visual fill window completely turns red, stop applying the blood sample to the test strip. The "sample applied" symbol will appear on the iBGStar's screen and your iPhone® or iPod touch® will beep when you should remove the test strip from the blood sample. (Note: It will only beep when sound is enabled and your meter is connected to your iPhone or iPod touch and the app is launched, and the device's volume level is audible.)

To find out how to store, handle and properly use test strips, see Important BGStar® Blood Glucose Test Strip Information.