Sanofi Diabetes
For U.S. Residents Only

About the iBGStar®
Lancing System

  1. Cocking Handle: Cocks the device so it is ready to lance.
  2. Depth Adjustment Dial: Adjusts how deep the lancet will lance the skin.
  3. Depth Indicator Window: Displays the depth setting of the lancing device.
  4. Release Button: Fires the lancet.
  5. Lancet Holder Cup: Holds the lancet into place inside the lancing device.
  6. Lancing Device Cap: Covers the lancet when in lancing device.
  7. Alternative Site Testing Cap: Used for obtaining a blood sample on the palm (at the base of the thumb) or forearm.
  8. Lancet: Lances the skin to produce a drop of blood.
  9. Lancet Cover: Covers the lancet for safety. Remove after inserting into the lancet holder cup.

Selecting a setting

The iBGStar® Lancing Device offers 8 depth settings. Rotate the dial to the desired setting as shown in the depth indicator window. Level 1 is the shallowest; level 8 is the deepest. If you have never lanced before, it is recommended that you start at level 3.

WARNING: The lancing device and lancets should only be used by one person. Never share lancing devices or lancets. Used test strips, lancets, and lancing devices may be considered biohazardous or medical waste in your city or town. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions for disposal.

CAUTION: To ensure accurate results, wash your hands and the test site with warm, soapy water and dry before every test. Unwashed hands and test sites may lead to inaccurate results. Make sure there is no grease, oil or lotion on the test site. Use lancets only once. Do not use any lancet that has been used by another person.