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Device FAQ

  1. What is iBGStar®?click to toggle

    The innovative iBGStar is the first blood glucose meter that directly connects to the iPhone® and iPod touch® allowing you to easily display, manage and communicate your diabetes information — anytime, anywhere.

    Using the iBGStar® Diabetes Manager application and your iPhone or iPod touch, you can share this information with your healthcare team while on the go. Sharing this information with your healthcare team may help you make better-informed diabetes-related decisions together.

  2. Does iBGStar come with the iPhone or iPod touch?click to toggle

    No, the iPhone and iPod touch are sold separately.

  3. What comes with the iBGStar system kit?click to toggle

    The system kit contains:

    • Owner's Guide and Warranty Card
    • Reference Guide
    • iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter
    • Dock Connector Cover
    • Lancing Device with Cap (Works with most generic lancets)
    • Clear Alternative Site Testing (AST) Lancing Device Cap
    • Sterile Lancets
    • 1 vial (10 strips) of BGStar® Blood Glucose Test Strips
    • Control Solution
    • Power Adapter
    • Micro-USB to USB Cable
    • Carrying Case
  4. Does the iBGStar need to be charged out of the box?click to toggle

    Yes, the iBGStar must be charged before using it for the first time. For details about charging your iBGStar, refer to Chapter 17 of the Owner's Manual.

  5. How do I review past results on the iBGStar?click to toggle

    Viewing all stored test results:
    Press and release the meter button to view the next most recent test result. The date, time, and mg/dL unit of measure will scroll to the right of the test result.

    Continue to press and release the meter button to view every test result, starting from the most recent and ending with the oldest.

    To return to the most recent test result, deactivate your iBGStar meter by pressing and holding the meter button until the iBGStar deactivates. Then reactivate the iBGStar by pressing and releasing the meter button once.

    When you've reached the oldest (last) test result saved, press and release the meter button once to revert back to the most recent test result. A short animation (arrow cycling counterclockwise) representing this transition will appear on the iBGStar display.

  6. How do I configure the time and date on iBGStar?click to toggle

    To configure the time and date of your iBGStar meter, you must sync the meter to your iPhone or iPod touch.

  7. How do I know the battery needs charging?click to toggle

    If the battery is 50% charged or less, the Battery Status symbol appears at the end of the iBGStar animation for 1 second. The percentage charged will be shown to the left of the Battery Status symbol. Also, iBGStar will show a low battery message on the display if your battery is low on power. If the battery symbol appears, the battery in your iBGStar must be charged. For details about charging your iBGStar, refer to Chapter 17 of the Owner's Manual.

  8. Can iBGStar be used to check other blood related
    diseases?click to toggle

    No, iBGStar should be used for measuring blood sugar levels.

  9. Where can I order iBGStar?click to toggle

    The iBGStar® Blood Glucose Monitoring System and refill test strips can be ordered through our partners. Find out how to Buy iBGStar and Strips.

  10. Where can I get assistance troubleshooting my
    iBGStar meter?click to toggle

    You can find solutions to common error messages and issues on the Hardware Troubleshooting guide. If you need additional assistance, please contact customer support.