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About iBGStar®

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The innovative iBGStar® is the first blood glucose meter that can be used on its own or connected directly to an Apple iPhone® or iPod touch® to easily display, manage and communicate your diabetes information. The iBGStar meets today’s industry standards for accuracy.

Using the technology built into your iPhone or iPod touch, you can share the information stored on the app with your healthcare team while on the go. Sharing this information with your healthcare team may help you make better-informed diabetes-related decisions together.

Choose iBGStar

  • Innovative Technology — Providing accuracy you can depend on. iBGStar connects directly to the iPhone or iPod touch, allowing you to manage your diabetes information anytime, anywhere.
  • Integrated Application —iBGStar will automatically sync data with the iBGStar® Diabetes Manager when connected with your iPhone or iPod touch. The app tracks glucose, insulin and carbs — and charts individualized glucose patterns over time.
  • Discreet Design — With a compact, stylish body the iBGStar can stay attached to your iPhone or iPod touch so you can carry around one less device.*
  • Personalized Notes — The iBGStar Diabetes Manager app allows you to input your data with personalized notes. This information may help you and your healthcare team analyze patterns and variations to help make informed diabetes-related decisions.
  • Shareable Data — Your individual data can be emailed or shown to your healthcare team during your visit for greater flexibility in managing your diabetes together.

About the iBGStar meter

  1. Dock Connector Cover: Covers the dock connector when not in use.
  2. Dock Connector: This end inserts into the iPhone or iPod touch's 30-pin dock connector port. The dock connector port is located below the home button of either device.
  3. Display Area: Glucose test results, symbols and messages appear here.
  4. Meter Button: The right-side of the meter's display is a button. It is used to activate or deactivate the iBGStar and view past test results.
  5. Micro-USB Port: Used to connect to the power adapter or a PC (personal computer) via the micro-USB to USB cable.
  6. Test Strip Port: Insert the BGStar Blood Glucose Test Strip, with the contact bars facing up, into the test strip port.

*When connected directly to an iPhone or iPod touch.